5% of our profits are donated to the "I Have a Dream" Foundation

what is fygböx?

fygböx is the premier source of thoughtfully-curated boxes for your college student. not junk food, but smart, creative and original. what you see here is a sample of the types of clever products that are included, but final selections each month will be a surprise for your student (when we asked, they requested the surprise)

a new way to feed your geniusTM

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why fygböx?

we are all about creating moments, and enjoying the good things in life with good people. at fygböx, we send interesting and unexpected contents in each box. say hello to the coolest (and easiest) way to say ‘i miss you’ or ‘nice job on the test.’

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how does it work?

easy. no pile on the counter, no digging for a box and tape, no standing in line at the post office. fygböx is hassle-free. it’s a surprise that fuels college success.
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anatomy of a fygböx

our goal is to energize and fuel your student in their college journey. the contents of each fygböx reflects our commitment to a cleverly curated experience, and is customized for your student.

what makes us different?

fygböx is not your old-fashioned care package. instead, we provide cool and modern items for your college student.

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