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How Your Kid Really Feels About Starting College

How Your College Kid Really Feels About Starting College
College is starting soon and your (almost) freshman is full of mixed-emotions. From anxiety to excitement, let us break it down for you so you can better understand what they're going through!

Featured fygböx Product: Pre-Packed Summer Care Package

Summer Care Package
College care packages aren't just for the school year anymore! Learn more about making a college student's summer 10x better with our pre-packed Summer Care Package.

7 Essential Tips for a Successful Summer Internship

Advice for a Successful Summer Internship
Getting set up for success for a first-time internship is surprisingly easy and less scary than college students think, especially with the help of these 7 tips.

10 Productive Things High School Grads Can do to Prepare for College

How High School Students Can Have a Productive Summer Break Before College
So you graduated high school and now you’re waiting for your college career to start. Summer is the perfect excuse to laze, lounge, and relax - especially on those sweltering hot days! But you don’t plan on doing that all summer, do you?

How Parents Can Prepare for High School Graduation Day

How Parents Can Prepare for High School Graduation
Finally, 12 years of school and now they’re days away from receiving their high school diploma. Here are some tips on how you can make that special day go much smoother.

5 Thoughts Parents Will Have on High School Graduation Day

Thoughts Parents Have During High School Graduation
A new chapter is around the corner for your kid, and it can be overwhelming! This is what most parents think during high school graduation.

Things to Put in a College Care Package That Students Will Love

Things to Put in a College Care Package That Students Will Love

The key to a good college care package is variety. On top of yummy snacks, college students will love useful, high-quality items that will fuel them through their college careers.

5 Things to Know About Your College Kid’s Spring Break Trip

College Student Spring Break

feeling a bit over-protective as your college kid discusses spring break plans? on top of who they're going and where they'll stay, there's much more that you should know.

7 Useful On-Campus Resources College Students Should Take Advantage Of

College Students Using Campus Resources

From the rec center to free tutoring, you're not paying all that money per year to not take advantage of these super helpful on-campus resources!

8 Tips for a Successful College Tour with Your College Kid

Family at Successful College Tour

College tours can be tiring, but there are always way to make the most out of them! Getting to know the other families, taking a lot of pictures, and having fun are just a few of the possibilities!

Featured fygböx Product: Gaiam Mini Muscle Roller

Gaiam Mini Muscle Roller and fygbox

Walking around campus and taking notes all day takes a toll on a college student's body. That's why we're including the Gaiam Mini Muscle Roller in fygböx! Learn more about Gaiam today.

College Care Packages: Make Your Own or Purchase?

College Care Package

Thinking of sending a care package to your college kid? See if putting one together yourself or ordering one from a college care package company is right for you!