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5 Thoughts Parents Will Have on High School Graduation Day
| by Pauline Flores

Congratulations to your high school kids for making it to graduation! This is truly an accomplishment to be proud of. You’re probably gearing up for graduation soon. Once you’re prepped and ready to celebrate your kid walking across the stage, take a look at the thoughts that most parents have during that day.

“Wow, I haven’t seen these kids in years. They’re all grown up!”

You’ll be mind-blown at all the kids that you haven’t seen since elementary school. Like Katie who used to pick on your kid in 2nd grade or Derek, the kid who somehow got the lead role in all those elementary school plays. The nostalgia will hit you like a wave.

“Where’s my kid? There he is!”

After you take your seat, you’ll be squinting above the sea of graduation caps struggling to find your kid. The feeling of finally spotting your kid among the other hundreds of soon-to-be grads will give you a big sense of accomplishment. Get ready to take millions of pictures!

“I don’t know how I’ll stay awake through all these names.”

Graduation ceremonies are long, arduous things, especially if your kid’s graduating class has 300 or more students. You’re going to get bored, but don’t fall asleep! It’s important to be present and in the moment. Once your kid’s name gets called and flashes on the big screen, the excitement will get your blood pumping once again!

“I remember his first day at kindergarten like it was yesterday. Now he’s graduating high school!”

You’ll be drowning in nostalgia all day today, but remember, it’s perfectly okay to feel emotional and a little teary-eyed. Watching a human that YOU created grow from a tiny little baby to a young adult is an intense feeling.

On graduation day, you’ll reminisce on all the moments you shared with your child – the good, bad, sad, and funny. Time flies, so it’s worth taking the time to take minute to appreciate everything that you’ve gone through.

“Next step, college…”

With tassels ceremoniously switched from one side to the other and graduation caps flying in the air, this thought will hit you like a semi-truck! First and foremost, breathe. If you think you’re anxious about the college transition, imagine how your kid feels!

 Luckily there’s an infinite number of resources out there that will better prepare you and your high school grad for the college years. It’s understandable to feel some anxiety, but excitement will take you over!


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