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7 Essential Tips for a Successful Summer Internship
| by Pauline Flores

Job markets are competitive, but having a internship is an excellent way to make you stand out. Landing that internship is just the first step. Think about it – what’s the use of an internship if it’s not a good experience? You will have a successful, productive internship if you take note of the following tips!

Show Up on Time

It’s easy to show up late to college class (or not show up at all), but an internship? Completely unprofessional. You’re creating a negative image for yourself each time you show up late to a meeting, call, or work. If you’re running late, let your boss know via email or phone! Bad traffic and accidents happen. Your employer will appreciate your honesty.

Come Prepared

You should arrive to internship prepared and ready to work each day. Make a mental checklist the night before you come into work. Do you have your laptop charged? Lunch packed? Notes organized? Your boss will be impressed if show up to work prepared without fail.

Be a Sponge

We live richer, fulfilled lives if we treat everything we encounter as a learning experience. Whatever you do at your internship, you should always be grateful to have the opportunity to learn.

Act like a sponge and absorb as much as you can during your time at your internship. Learning does not have to be limited to hard skills from your day-to-day work. You can easily learn interpersonal, time management, and communication skills in just one summer by having an internship.

Own Your Mistakes

We’re all human here, and guess what? Humans make mistake all the time! There’s a good chance you’ll make a mistake during your internship, especially if it’s your first taste of professional work.

If you ever run into a sticky situation, be upfront and own your mistake. Don’t worry about the repercussions of your mistake. Owning your mistake by telling your boss right away, instead of brushing it under the rug, is always the best option.

Your boss may be upset at your mistake, but at least you can show how genuinely sorry you are about your mistake. They would be more upset if you let the mistake go by without any acknowledgement.

Over Deliver

Whenever you’re assigned a task, try your best to exceed expectations every time. Look over your work and make sure it’s free of spelling and grammar errors. When you’re being trained how to do something, take notes and ask questions. Don’t be afraid own the tedious work that no one wants to do!

There are many ways to “over deliver” at an internship, but no matter what you do, your bosses are guaranteed to be impressed.

Have Confidence

Walk into day one of your new internship with the mindset that you are capable and that you were hired for a reason. You may feel nervous during your first day, but just continue to think positive, reaffirming thoughts.

Confidence will make you more likable and more likely to complete tasks accurately. Don’t over-do, though. Nobody likes an over-confident person who fails to deliver!

Make Lasting Connections

It’s unlikely that you’ll make a career out of your first internship. That’s why it’s important to leave your internship on good terms with your employers and your co-workers. Forging connections within your internship is a great way to carve your career path.

If you do an especially good job at your internship, your bosses will be happy to be your reference for future job applications. Better yet, your boss or other co-workers could refer you to your next job if they know what your career goals are. Many companies are more likely to hire someone that’s been referred internally by a current employee. This type of networking is all a part of landing your dream job!


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