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College Care Packages: Make Your Own or Purchase?
| by Pauline Flores

Pros of Making Your Own Care Package

An obvious benefit on making your own care package is being able to customize it however you want. Creative parents love to put their own spin on their care packages by decorating the inside with photos of family and pets or even seasonal decorations (ex: gluing paper pumpkins or snowflakes to match the fall and winter seasons).

Also, parents can get creative with what they put inside the care packages. Homemade cookies and their child’s favorite kind of candy are always great additions!

Cons of Making Your Own Care Package

With great creativity comes great time and effort (that’s right – I just mangled up that superhero quote). Creating a decorated care package complete with purchased or homemade contents requires a lot of free time to execute, especially if one will be sent on more than one occasion.

Plus, you will have to deal with putting the care package together yourself and waiting in those long lines at the post office to send it. If you have the time and willpower to make an awesome, customized care package, then by all means, go for it!

Pros of Purchasing a Care Package

Sending a care package via a third-party company is nothing to be ashamed about. Some parents simply lack the time to put together their own care package, but they still want to send love to their college students.

The internet is a wonderful place because things can be bought and sold with a few clicks of a mouse, including college care packages. On top of that, companies will send monthly care packages to students on behalf of parents. That means parents get to save time by not going to the store to guess what their kids will like, they don’t have to fumble with boxes and tape, and (the best part of all) they skip the line at the post office.

Cons of Purchasing a Care Package

Many care package companies fill their boxes with junk food like instant noodles and snacks that you can find in any vending machine. Plus, you won’t be able to personalize the care package as much as if you made it yourself, but college care package companies often let parents send a note to their college students.

Also, an inevitable con of purchasing a college care package is the cost that come with it. Care packages can range from $30 – $65 each depending on the level of quality of the contents inside. If you’re cost-sensitive, then you may want to rely on making your own care package. But if time is not on your side, then the convenience of purchasing a care package will be well worth the price.

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