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How to Handle a College Kid That Keeps Coming Home
| by Pauline Flores

If your kids are attending a college or university that’s close to home, this article is for you. Sure, maybe you feel relieved that your baby bird keeps coming back to the nest, but it’s time to be honest with yourself.

College is the perfect environment for teenagers to transition to adults. It’s pretty hard for teens to do that if they keep coming back to the comfort of home every weekend. In order to grow, they need to get out of their comfort zone. Literally.

Here are some tips on how you can handle a college kid that keeps coming back.

Talk to Them

This is the easiest and most direct way to address this issue. Ask them how their college experience is going so far. Identify any problems that are keeping your college kid from having an enjoyable time.

Roommate troubles, stressful college courses, isolation, and many more factors could be the root of why they’re seeking the comfort of home too often. Being able to talk to someone about the issue can help them immensely.

Help Make College More Enjoyable

Once you’ve used the strategy described in the tip above to identify the problem, think of ways that you can make college more enjoyable for your kid. Maybe sending unexpected college care packages will brighten your son or daughter’s day. fygböx can easily help you send your love to your homesick college student. You can easily create and send your own college care package with fygböx.

In addition to that, you can encourage them to participate the unique experiences that only college can provide. This could include tickets to a college football game, a play, or even study abroad. Once freshman become more active in their community and make new friends, they start to realize how awesome it is to live independently.

Tough Love

Sometimes, college kids visit home every weekend with loads of laundry waiting for mom to do. This is called superficial homesickness. They miss home, but the thing they miss most is the convenience of home! The free laundry service and meals sure are nice perks you provide, but it’s time to realize when too much is too much. If they come home once in while it’s okay to go all-out mom mode, but every weekend? Yeah, no.

If you run into this problem, try making them do their own laundry when they visit. Ask them to help you prepare the dinner instead of having them lounge around while you do all the heavy lifting. Tell them to do other household chores.

The goal of all this tough love is to ensure that your college kids are learning how to live like adults. Once out of the dorms, most college kids will need to look for off-campus housing.

Teaching them how to care for a house or apartment is an essential skill for adult living. Not only will they learn valuable skills, but they will also visit home less often (all those household chores will make them stick to their college dorms).


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