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5 Things to Know About Your College Kid’s Spring Break Trip
| by Pauline Flores

Spring break is just around that corner and you’re either 1) super happy that your college kid will be traveling to somewhere awesome during break or 2) worrying about the well-being of your child during break because that’s what your natural maternal instincts dictate! Whatever boat you’re in, here are five things you need to know before your college kid heads off for spring break.

Who They’re Going With

This is perhaps the most important thing to know about your college student’s spring break trip. Will they be traveling with long-time friends? A significant other? Strangers that they met the other day at a party?

Whoever they’re traveling with, make sure you ask your kid about how close they are to these people. It’s understandable for you as a parent to be weary of their travel companions.

Where They’re Staying

Are they going to stay with friends, a hotel, a luxury resort, a hostel? If they’ll be paying for accommodations, do a quick search about the quality of the place and the surrounding area. Take note of contact numbers of the hotel or hostel, just in case. The last thing any parent wants to deal with is a major emergency with no way of contacting their son or daughter.

They’ve Planned This for a While Now

Now that you know the basic information of who they’re traveling with and where they’re traveling to, it’s important to not underestimate the judgement of your college kid.

They’ve probably been planning this spring break trip for a while now, so you don’t need to further hassle them about the logistics. They have a game plan, and they’re sticking to it.

This isn’t probably the advice you were hoping for, but that’s the reality of having adult children (no matter how hard you try to deny it!)

They Are Adults

In conjunction with the previous section, it is important to keep in mind that your college student is a full-fledge adult. Ever since their 18th birthday, they’ve been free to book hotels and plane tickets entirely on their own.

Think of their spring break trip, no matter if it’s a bucket-list trip to Europe or a party in Cancun, as a learning experience for them and you. Understand that you can’t hold their hand throughout their entire lives. College is the time for growth and opportunity. Your job is to cheer them on every step of the way.

Experiences are Priceless

You might miss having a full nest, but would you really want your college student to stay at home when they would actually love to spend their spring break exploring the world?

Parents sometimes overlook their college student’s perspective on spring break. If they have a wanderlust that needs fulfilling, then it is your job to understand that they need to do what makes them happiest, not what makes YOU happiest.

Parents should facilitate growth for their children, not stagnate it. So, before you freak about their latest spring break trip, have some empathy. Picture yourself as that bright-eyed, dreamy-headed college student you once were, and think about what your college kid is going through now.


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