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A Fall Bucket List with 50 Fun Activities for College Students
| by Pauline Flores

People go crazy for fall because of the countless happy memories from childhood that we associate with it. There’s no denying that Halloween and Thanksgiving are pretty much two of the best holidays in the year. To help make the most out of the fall season, we’ve constructed a fall bucket list geared towards college students with 50 fun activities to try out. We challenge you to try as many of these bucket list items as possible! Make sure to keep track of this bucket list and cross things out as you go!

Completing 0 – 20 things makes you a fall novice. Completing 11 – 30 things makes you a fall pro. Completing 31 – 40 things makes you a fall expert. 41 or more things makes you a fall master!

  1. Watch a scary movie with your roommate
  2. Buy the comfiest sweater you can find from the thrift store
  3. Go to a haunted house with your friends
  4. Decorate your dorm door/apartment door/house with scary Halloween stuff
  5. Carve a scary pumpkin
  6. Carve a funny pumpkin
  7. Visit a café and order something you’ve never tried before
  8. Win a costume contest
  9. Share something you baked with a neighbor
  10. Bake a pumpkin pie
  11. Jump in a pile of leaves
  12. Paint a creative masterpiece on a pumpkin
  13. Attend a fall festival in your college town
  14. Have a scary movie marathon
  15. Throw a Halloween party
  16. Unplug – go a day without using your phone or laptop
  17. Go on a drive to admire the fall leaves
  18. Have a fall photoshoot with friends
  19. Eat a caramel apple
  20. Go to a bonfire
  21. Spend hours reading in a library or bookstore
  22. Make s’mores
  23. Attend a college football game
  24. Drink apple cider
  25. Go to class with a Halloween costume on
  26. Attend a costume party
  27. Visit a haunted place in town
  28. Eat a lot of candy
  29. Bob for apples
  30. Take advantage of discounted day-after Halloween candy
  31. Bake an apple pie
  32. Visit a town you’ve never been to before
  33. Go apple picking
  34. Roast pumpkin seeds
  35. Read a scary story
  36. Visit a pumpkin patch
  37. Step on a crunchy leaf
  38. Get lost in a corn maze
  39. Stroll through a park on a chilly day
  40. Take pictures of fall leaves
  41. Make a collage out of different colored fall leaves
  42. Hand out candy to trick or treaters
  43. Host a Friendsgiving meal
  44. Go to a farmer’s market
  45. Go on a hike
  46. Cook a Thanksgiving turkey without any help
  47. Watch football on Thanksgiving
  48. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  49. Attend a Thanksgiving parade
  50. Say out loud what you’re thankful for


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