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Family Weekend in College: What You Need to Know
| by Pauline Flores

Visiting for Family Weekend

The college semester is in full swing, autumn leaves are starting to fall, and you’re wondering when you can see your son or daughter again. Many colleges hold family weekend, which is ideal for parents to connect with their college students and the college’s community. If you’re not clear about what family weekend is and whether or not you should participate, we have all the answers you need!

What Is It?

Family weekend usually consists of campus tours, informational sessions, and fun family bonding activities. Not only is family weekend a great excuse to visit your college kid, but it’s a great way to get to learn more about the college’s community and culture. With all the other students and parents around, you can’t help but feel a closer connection to your kid’s college.

Informational sessions may cover topics such as study abroad, supporting your student’s academic success, and many more. The entertainment offered during family weekend will vary depending on what the college town has to offer. It could include college night at the local bowling alley, a school spirit parade downtown, a college football game, or a lunch with the other college students and parents.

Should I Go?

Are you the parent of a college freshman? Do you miss your kid a lot? Are you interested in exploring more of the college town? Do you want to meet a community of other college parents? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then definitely register for family weekend! Family weekend is a must for parents of freshman mainly because participation can help with their transition to college.

Family weekend is a good time to check up on your freshman and ask how the college experience is going so far. By now, parents of college seniors are veterans of the college parent thing. Attending family weekend is not necessary for them, unless they absolutely want to go.

Do I Have to Participate in All Events?

Nope! You and your family have the power to go to all or some of the events. Let’s be honest, no matter how informational and helpful they are, you don’t want to spend all day sitting at informational sessions.

The best way to make the most out of family weekend is to do what you and your family think would be the most beneficial! Most families use family weekend to explore the college town, eat at a local restaurant, and relax. The choice is all yours!


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