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Featured fygböx Product: Climax Jerky Turkey Jerky
| by Pauline Flores

Climax Jerky - fygbox

We’ve been struck with Thanksgiving fever, which is why we’re including Climax Jerky’s turkey jerky in our care packages! College students will gobble gobble these delicious treats up!

About Climax Jerky

You may have seen Climax Jerky’s kiosks if you’ve ever flown through the Denver International Airport. The folks at this local Colorado company are truly experts at making organic, all-natural jerky. They don’t put MSG or nitrates in their jerky because they believe that a good product should speak for itself and not have artificial ingredients.

Climax Jerky doesn’t just stop at your typical beef jerky. They smoke a wide array of meats including buffalo, elk, venison, salmon, wild boar, turkey, and alligator! Vsit their website and browse their mouth-watering jerky for yourself!

Why College Students Will Love It

Hungry, carnivorous college students will love unleashing their inner animal to munch on these delectable jerky strips. The 3.25 oz. packs of turkey jerky are very filling and tasty. Whether it’s a protein-filled treat in between classes or a snack while binge-watching TV shows, Climax Jerky is sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

The FYG in fygböx stands for “feed your genius.” We do exactly that when curating unique items that every college student will love in our care packages.

We feed college students not only in the literal sense through healthy, natural snacks, but we include essentials like useful tech accessories, games to play with friends, and personal care items) that they need to make the most out of their college experience.

We love supporting college students, and we love supporting local Colorado business, so Climax Jerky is the (all) natural choice for us!

Add Climax Jerky to your care package and send fygböx today!



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