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Featured fygböx Product: Gaiam Mini Muscle Roller
| by Pauline Flores


gaiam mini muscle roller

Here at fygböx, we love finding local Colorado products to include in our are packages. Gaiam is a company based in Louisville, CO that sells products that every yogi needs. No, not the bear. We’re talking about yoga fanatics!

Yogis know how to relax and calm their minds, so we thought, “Hey, college students need some relaxation too!” That’s why we’re including Gaiam’s Restore Mini Muscle Roller in fygböx.

How it Works

Walking around campus and writing notes all day can take a toll on a student’s body. The muscle roller’s durable inner core and wavy foam texture work together to provide deep tissue relief. Who needs a masseuse when you can get a massage on the feet, arms, legs, and back from this mini foam roller? Although it’s small, Gaiam’s muscle roller provides big relief!

All it takes is a couple minutes of muscle rolling to feel relief. Because of it’s size, this muscle roller is great to take on-the-go to the gym for a post-workout recovery session.

Hard-working college students will love Gaiam’s Restore Mini Muscle Roller. Look out for it in our future fygböxes!

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More About Gaiam

Their name comes from a combination of “Gaia”, the Ancient Greek Earth goddess and “I am” to produce a meaning that roughly translates to “I am the Earth.” This company not only has a really cool name, but they aim to help people both do more and be more.

People feel more centered with themselves and with the Earth when practicing yoga. Gaiam helps both beginners and experts achieve their best by making yoga, fitness, and wellness accessible too all.

Their products don’t just stop at yoga. Gaiam also sells active sitting chairs to help improve posture and meditation accessories. Who would have thought that “active sitting” was a product category? Clearly, Gaiam cares about their customers’ wellness.


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