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Featured fygbox Product: Get Well Soon Box
| by Pauline Flores

Cold and flu season is among us now that summer has transitioned to fall. College students are well aware of this as their lecture halls ring with a chorus of sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. With shared living facilities and thousands of students packed onto one college campus, it’s no wonder that everyone seems to be getting sick at the same time.

Parents, even though those nostalgic days of tending to your sick kids at home are over, you can still help your sick college student from far away! With our Get Well Soon Box, you can send your student everything he needs to recover from that nasty colds all in one convenient care package. Here’s what’s inside:

Get Well Soon Box

-A collapsible water bottle so your student can stay hydrated everywhere they go.

-A mini muscle roller to relieve those aches and pains that happen during a cold.

-White chocolate black chai tea to help alleviate sore throats.

-One Minute Muffin that can be easily prepared in a dorm microwave.

-One pack of 10 PepPods so your student can get the vitamins and electrolytes they need.

-A cooling eye mask to relieve headaches.

Nothing will make a college student happier than receiving a surprise care package from loved ones back home, even when they’re fighting a cold! Don’t let the distance keep you from taking for of your college kid. Send a Get Well Soon box today.


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