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Featured fygböx Product: GSI Outdoors Commuter Javapress
| by Pauline Flores

GSI Outdoors Commuter Javapress

“The Perfected, French Press Coffee Mug”

Caffeine is a college student’s best friend. How else are they going to power through the semester with all the tests, projects, essays, part-time jobs, friends, and extracurriculars to juggle? That’s why we’ve curated the perfect item for busy, on-the-go students: a portable French press mug.

You heard right. Now, coffee-loving college kids can bring the café with them wherever they go – no barista experience required. GSI Outdoors creates innovative, rugged products ideal for camping and the outdoors.  The Commuter Javapress is durable enough to withstand falls and tumbles without losing a drop of precious coffee.

The Javapress is unique, long-lasting, and simple to use too. All your student has to do is scoop a few tablespoons of coffee grounds and pour 15 ounces of hot water into the mug, let it steep for four minutes, and press down with the inner carafe. Yes, that’s really all there is to it! That wonderfully bold French-press style coffee is ready to fuel your student throughout the day in just five minutes.

The outer shell of the mug is wrapped with a tough, fabric sleeve for easy gripping and capped with a sturdy rubber bottom. All five components of the mug (the sleeve, the rubber bottom, the outer shell, the lid, and the inner carafe) come apart effortlessly, which makes clean up hassle-free. Once the grounds are rinsed out, this mug is ready to serve up another batch of hot, fresh coffee.

You can add the Commuter Javapress and other premium products when you create your own college care package. Give your college student the gift of a great semester by sending your love with fygböx today! It’s the college care package, elevated.



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