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Featured fygböx Product: Pre-Packed Summer Care Package
| by Pauline Flores

Blazing sun, tanned skin, and the smell of sunscreen. What screams “summer” more than this notorious combination? Summer is a time for care-free fun and a break from day-to-day hassles that come with school. Cherishing every moment of every summer break before the harsh reality of post-graduation full-time jobs should be every college student’s goal.

fygböx’s pre-made Summer Care Package is curated with items that are guaranteed to boost to those summer days and make them even more memorable. That’s right, college care packages aren’t just for the school year anymore! The resulting delight and surprise after receiving this thoughtful care package gift is sure to bring a big grin to any college student’s face!

So, what’s inside the Summer Care Package? Only the essentials:

Summer Care Package

SPF 50 Rocky Mountain Sunscreen - With this heatwave ravaging the country, it's best to be proactive rather than reactive with sunscreen strong enough to protect from those mile-high sun rays. Don't worry, for the more reactive bunch we have the perfect item too (see directly below)!

Soothing aloe gel for sunburns - Aloe is a super-plant that soothes many skin irritations ranging from sunburns to bug bites, both of which are all too common during the summer. This aloe gel even comes with a carabiner to hook onto backpacks.

Flashflight light-up Frisbee - If you didn't throw a Frisbee at least once, did you even summer?  Now, college students can play all night. You can say it's the ultimate frisbee!

Bamboo sunglasses - We all know how brutal the sun gets. That's why we're including these sunglasses so students can stay shady and stylish.

Inflatable drink holders for the pool - An inflatable donut and an inflatable pineapple are great pool accessories if you as us. It holds drinks too? Woohoo for functionality!

Mini Bluetooth speaker - Music makes everything better, especially summer days. This little speaker packs a punch with the mini sub-woofer inside. 

If you’re impressed with this care package spread, then checkout what we have inside of our Good Food and Study Abroad Boxes. Our items are curated and approved by real college students on a regular basis, so there won’t be any disappointed students on the receiving end of this care package.

The best part? Let’s say it together now… Free shipping! Send your college student a pre-packed summer care package today.


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