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Featured fygböx Product: RoboCopp Sound Grenade
| by Pauline Flores

Featured fygbox Product: Robocopp Sound Grenade

Hey college parents, we know what you’re thinking. All that preparation for college, dorm shopping, and school supply shopping was distracting you from the thought that lingers in the back of your mind: Is my child going to be safe in college?

This is a perfectly valid concern for any parent. Sure, there’s pepper spray and those cat-shaped keychains that double as shanks, but these devices can be difficult to use correctly when the user is in danger. Now you can easily arm your college student in the same way that you protect your house: with the power of sound.

We’re including the Robocopp Sound Grenade in future fygböxes because it’s the leading personal safety alarm. This plastic device is shaped like a thumb drive, and it can be worn on a backpack or hung on a set of keys. Its robot face may look cute, but the personal safety alarm packs a powerful punch! When the top is pulled off, the Robocopp screams an ear-piercing sound that is just as loud as an ambulance. So yeah, don’t try testing the Sound Grenade in a library!

Muggers looks for victims that won’t attract any attention, which is why the Robocopp’s continuous siren is effective at scaring them off. The best part about this device is its size and ease of use. It takes no skill at all to pull off the Sound Grenade’s top!

The Robocopp Sound Grenade is the easiest and lightest personal safety device out on the market today. With wearable tech increasing in popularity, it’s no surprise that personal safety devices are following suit. With the Robocopp Sound Grenade, you can get the peace of mind that your college kid will be safe during the school year.

The Robocopp Sound Grenade is just one of the many premium items that you can add to fygböx. 

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