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How Parents Can Prepare for High School Graduation Day
| by Pauline Flores

Finally, 12 years of school and now they’re days away from receiving their high school diploma. You’re beaming with pride at your high school kid, but don’t forget to give yourself some credit too! Here are some tips on how you can make that special day go much smoother.

Buy Graduation Swag in Advance

Some parents give their high school grads Hawaiian leis, money leis, flowers, and other gifts post-ceremony. These are great accessories for pictures! If you plan on buying these, get them in advance or the day of the ceremony.

Find a Parking Spot Early

With all the family and friends watching the graduation ceremony, parking will be a nightmare. It’s a good idea to find parking and take your seats early if you're the impatient type.

Confirm After-Graduation Plans with Your Child

Do you plan on eating dinner with your high school grad? If so, make sure you're both on the same page. Graduates will be eager to hop around different grad parties that their friends are throwing.

That being said, make sure you know whose parties they will be attending and where the locations will be.

Bring Tissues

The nostalgia will be an emotional fest for sure! Don't be embarrassed to express how you really feel on this momentous day. Just have a pack of tissues, just in case!

Have Your Grad Present Ready

A great grad present makes completing all those years of school feel worth it! Make sure your grad present is ready for presentation, especially if it's going to be a surprise car or other big-ticket item!

Still scrambling around for a grad present? Why not send them a college care package during their freshman year? You can create your own care package with premium, student-picked items today!


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