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How to Support Your Out-of-State College Kid
| by Pauline Flores

How to Handle “Out-of-State”

Some students choose to go to a college that is a relatively short drive from home, but others fly far away from the nest. Yes, your child will experience homesickness. It can be especially hard for out-of-state students knowing that their family is hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away.

Supporting your out-of-state college kid can be as easy as sending a simple text once a week asking how they’re doing. You can also send pictures of family pets to paint a guaranteed smile on your kid’s face. Occasionally, you can even do a phone or Skype call to have a more personal interaction with your kid.

While communication is a great way to support your long distance college kid, it’s important to make sure that you’re not being a “helicopter” parent by constantly hovering around your child. Remember, college is the time for your child to grow as a person. Being away from home teaches first-time college students how to be self-reliant, independent adults in the future.

Send Your Love

One great way to support your out-of-state college kid without being too overbearing is by sending them college care packages. Care packages could be filled with anything from snacks to socks.  Not only would a care package remind your child how much you love them, but the element of surprise is part of the experience.

Sending a care package is sure to make your child’s day and motivate him or her to kill it in college! The unexpected surprise of receiving a package from a loved one is unlike anything else. This is especially true for when college students facing stress from midterms. Your long distance college kid will easily feel at home once again.


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