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How to Survive Dorm Showers and Bathrooms
| by Pauline Flores

TV shows, movies, blogs, and articles depict everything that college has to offer except for one thing: communal dorm bathrooms. This (literal) dirty secret seems to be hush-hush because every writer, blogger, and director knows that there are better – much, much better – parts of college to put in the spotlight. It’s true. Dorm bathrooms are a less glamorous part of college that every freshman must deal with, but these tips will help you survive them!

Invest in a Toothbrush Cap

You can never be too safe when it comes to dental hygiene. Plastic covers for toothbrushes are cheap at the store, so add that to your shopping list! You never know what germs could linger on those bathroom countertops.

Shower Shoes. Always.

Do you like taking risks? Yes? Well, still, always (ALWAYS) wear shower shoes in the dorm showers. Do not risk this one. Many people use the showers throughout the day. Stepping barefoot in people’s filth and who-knows-what-else is something that no freshman should have to experience. Flip flops and sandals make excellent shower shoes. Just make sure that they have good traction on wet surfaces to reduce any chance of slippage.

Shower at Night

If you like your privacy, then showering just before going to bed is the right move for you. After 9pm you have a good chance of having the shower room all to yourself. For guaranteed privacy, showering at 3am is your best bet. It’s strange and not very practical, but hey, you’re an adult now. You have options.

Map Out Backup Bathrooms

Oh no! An ungodly smell wafted out of the bathroom when you only cracked it open a few inches! Agh! The toilets and floors are covered in vomit because it’s Saturday night! Eek! (Add any horrific dorm bathroom story here)! Make sure you know of some nearby bathrooms in your dorm if your go-to is beat up and left completely unusable.

Take Note of the Cleaning Schedule

Yes, this post does talk a lot about how disgusting communal dorm bathrooms can be, but nearly all colleges make a point to clean them every day. Usually, custodians will clean the bathrooms and showers every weekday morning. Post-daily cleaning is prime time to use a fresh, sparkling bathroom. The weekends are a different story because most custodians have the weekends off. This is probably when you should take note of the “Map Out Backup Bathrooms” advice listed above.


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