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How Your Kid Really Feels About Starting College
| by Pauline Flores

For every soon-to-be college student at this moment in time, it’s apparent that summer vacation is rapidly ending. Every parent knows that starting college is a big deal, but they can’t begin to imagine what thoughts are racing through their kids’ freshly-graduated heads. You’re no stranger to the fact that teenage emotions are hard to comprehend, so we broke them down for you! Here are the emotions that your college student is probably feeling at this very second.


Without a doubt, your college student is dumbfounded over how fast 12 years of school could go by so quickly. But hey, you’re more than likely feeling the same way! That’s perfectly okay. It’s normal to feel this way during a transitional period in life.

Incoming freshmen are feeling nostalgic about their childhoods – the simpler days when the biggest problem they encountered was a stubborn black colored pencil that kept breaking no matter how many times it got sharpened.


Many college students feel like they were trudging, rather than traversing, through the past 12 years of school. High school was especially bad because they were so close to being young adults, and yet all the adults still treated them like children.

Don’t even get your kid started with the all the homework and classes they had to deal with! A slew of standardized tests, AP and IB tests, ACT’s and SAT’s? Those were dark times!

Graduating high school was your kid’s biggest accomplishment so far, so you can imagine how proud they feel!


Exciting times are on the horizon! New friends to be made, knowledge to be learned (both in the classroom and out), and experiences to be had are all perks of those four years. Although freshman year is full of unknowns, it simply adds to the excitement.

What are college students most excited about? Like George Washington and his crew, they’re excited for INDEPENDENCE! If they could say it without any consequences, college freshmen would say, “Thanks for giving me all your love and free food for all those years, mom and dad, but I’m ready to do whatever I want in college!”

We know how you're feeling with that looming empty nest. Their first taste of complete independence may be bittersweet for you, but it’s the first step to becoming a full-fledged adult for them. 


Your kid’s head is not entirely filled with rainbows and butterflies over college; there are worries that linger in the back of their minds. A few examples would include:

How am I going to make friends in college?

Are college classes as hard as people say they are?

What if I don’t know what I want to major in?

What if college becomes too expensive for me?

These are tough questions that you may or may not be able to help with. If you think anxiety is taking over your kid, visit our blog post Common Pre-College Worries and How to Cope with Them.


College kids are young and full of energy. By putting their energy to good use, they can follow their passions after graduating college and beyond. Every college freshmen is feeling hopeful that life will only go up from here.

Many are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead of them and morph into a better version of themselves. They, like basically every human on earth, have goals, dreams, and desires that they strive for.

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