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Midterms: What Your College Kid is Going Through Right Now
| by Pauline Flores

What Are Midterms?

Midterms are the first wave of important exams that college classes typically give during the middle of the semester. Each class usually has 1-3 midterms scheduled during the semester. Midterms can be worth 20% – 40% of your kid’s final grade. Some professors weight midterms the same as final exams, others make their midterms worth less than the final.

What Is My College Kid Experiencing?

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on college students to be high-achievers. It can be hard to juggle classes, clubs, part-time jobs, self-care, and social life. Often times, college students feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete everything that they need to. College professors estimate that for every hour spent in class, students should spend three hours of studying for that class. With the average student taking 15 credit hours, that equates to 45 hours of studying per week. So yeah, college is basically a full-time job!

Stress levels reach its initial peak when midterm season comes around. Hardworking students will hole themselves up studying for long periods of time. While studying for hours on end is a commendable task, these students may not be getting the proper self-care that they need. Choosing to study over sleep is never a good thing.

For tougher classes, midterms can be especially stressful for college students. They spend hours studying in libraries, typically buried under piles of notes. Occasionally, college students will have multiple midterms in from different classes during the same week. Midterm season doesn’t just test college students on what they learn in class; it also tests them on their time management skills.

How Can I Help Them Through Midterms?

Our previous blog post on how to support your college student from long distance is a good resource for this situation. What college students need during this stressful time is support and, probably, a study break! One great way to knock two birds with one stone is to send them a college care package. fygböx offers healthy snacks and unique items to help ease your college student’s stress. Your kid will be pleasantly surprised and more motivated to ace their exams if you send them a thoughtful care package! If you’ve been thinking about sending a college care package to your college kid, now is the perfect time. Click here to create your own fygböx today.

If you know a college student going through midterms right now, share this article with them: A College Survival Guide for Acing Your Midterms.


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