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10 Things Your College Student Misses About Home
| by Pauline Flores

Home-cooked meals

While dining hall food offers a bounty of options for college students, it gets tiring. Spicing up the dining hall experience can help too, but nothing beats the meals that mom served throughout childhood – not even the cheap, fast food hamburgers college kids settle for when the dining halls are closed!


College students miss their pets more than anything! Pets don’t judge or nag; they look cute and offer unlimited cuddles! Petting animals significantly reduces stress and anxiety, two things that are plentiful college. Luckily, some colleges have therapy dogs visit, so college students can get some much-needed stress relief. While that’s great and all, no therapy dog will ever replace their best furry friend back home!

Their old bed

A college kid’s childhood bed is their comfort zone (literally). It never fails to be soft, warm, and cozy. Twin XL-sized dorm beds are decent for the most part, but that old bed will always be the best. When your kid visit home, he will definitely do a belly-flop into his old bed and cherish the nostalgic comfort it provides.

Not having to wear shower shoes

THIS is a big one. Showers shoes are a necessary evil that college kids are used to by now. Still, they wish that they can just step into their own shower without worrying about stepping in something nasty. Lugging around a shower caddy is just as inconvenient.


Dorm-life living offers limited privacy for college students. Almost everything that they have back home now must be shared with at least fifty other students. That includes dorm rooms, bathrooms, recreational spaces, and showers. The lack of privacy can drive a college student crazy after a while. A college student’s biggest fantasy is to go to the bathroom with total, complete privacy.

Unlimited snacks

Your pantry is a wonderland! Having limited funds and time to go grocery shopping really makes a college kid miss all those plentiful snacks back home. Good news: this might be the one thing they miss that you DO have control over! Send a college care package to your college kid today so they can have their fix of tasty, filling snacks.

Old friends

Those friendships that go back as far as elementary school are truly something to be thankful for. Social media does a good job of helping old friends keep in touch, but everyone knows that face-to-face interaction is best. When all the college students visit home during winter, fall, spring, or summer break, you can trust that hanging out with old friends will be one of the first things they do!

Their favorite restaurant

Whether it’s a local restaurant or a fast-food joint that’s only available in certain regions, your college kid will crave food from their favorite restaurant, much like your home cooking. Good food has the power to make someone go back in time and relive happy memories from this past. This is your chance to rack up major parenting points by cooking your college kid’s favorite meal and then taking them out to their favorite restaurant!

Messing with their siblings

Siblings have a bond that will never be broken. One of the best parts of having a sibling is messing with them – just like old times! Who knew all the wrestling, punches, pranks, and name-calling can make a sibling bond even stronger?


This one is pretty obvious! College kids miss the love and comfort provided by their parents. You were the one who raised them, fed them, loved them, and provided them with happy memories. Now, you’re giving your college kid the wonderful opportunity to further the education. Bravo! What’s not to miss about superhero parents like yourself? Why not send them a college care package to soothe their homesickness? Create your own fygböx today


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