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Unicorn Moms: What is One and What Makes Her Shine?
| by Pauline Flores

If you saw a unicorn in real life, what would your first reaction be? Most likely, you would stand in awe, mouth agape at the wonder that is in front of you. You would think, Is this real? This can’t be real. How is this real?  Apply this scenario to the realm of moms. Have you ever met a mom who inspires awe, wonder, maybe even disbelief, at her existence? Maybe it’s your mother, your friend, an acquaintance, or you (but you don’t realize it)! Unicorn moms are truly unique creatures in every way.

So enough about what emotions a unicorn mom can provoke on the people in her life – what exactly is so “unicorn” about her? One defining feature about unicorn moms is that they live a well-balanced, almost perfect life. They’re not just good at juggling their work and family lives, they excel at it.

Unicorn moms are hard-working and driven, but they somehow manage to squeeze in self-care and fun into their busy lives too. That means that they are positive women who are generally satisfied with the life they’ve worked for.

They tend to share this positivity with others by showing kindness, not hesitating to help a stranger in need. From time to time, unicorn moms will interact with other moms by giving encouraging words of parenting wisdom, saying such things as, “I went through the same exact thing with my son,” or, “Parenting can be tough, but keep your head up!” A characteristic that really makes unicorn moms sparkle is the fact that they DO NOT judge other moms. For them, judging wastes too much precious energy, so they simply focus on living their own life.

As for technical skills, unicorn moms are adept at using smartphones and computers. Because of that, they are in-touch with the latest trends that circulate social media. They’re not in the dark when their kids use the ever-changing slang that’s popular nowadays. A unicorn mom’s kids never hesitate to turn to her in times of need because they know that she’ll do her best to understand and even offer some helpful advice.

She’s the “cool mom” according to her kids’ friends. Don’t be surprised to see a hoard of teens gathered at a unicorn mom’s house! She always makes sure to provide a comfortable hang out spot for her kids and their friends while also serving up a lot of delicious homemade snacks.

As you can see, unicorn moms really know how to live life, elevated.

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