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7 Useful On-Campus Resources College Students Should Take Advantage Of
| by Pauline Flores

Universities with large campuses are basically miniature towns. Because of that, it may be easy to overlook all the resources that you have at your disposal. You (or your parents) do not pay thousands of dollars a year to miss out on these! Get your money’s worth and start taking advantage of these five on-campus resources today!

Free Tutoring

Struggling with calculus, physics, or economics? Many colleges offer free tutoring for students who live on-campus. That’s right, these tutors will meet you right at your dorm to help you ace that exam! If you live in the dorms, ask your RA for more information about how you can get a tutor. This on-campus resource is essential if you’re grades aren’t up to your expectations.

Writing Labs

While free tutoring might not be available to all students, writing labs definitely are! Most universities have writing labs with skilled students who are willing to help proofread your essay and give feedback on your content.


College campuses are the homes of skilled academics and researchers. Take a look at a campus and see if there are any museums that you can visit. Some colleges have art museums, natural science museums, alumni heritage museums, and more. The best part? These museums are free for anyone to visit! Bonus life hack: these free, on-campus museums are a great place to take a date!

Study Lounges

Almost every building on a college campus has great study spots. If you’re tired of trying to find a seat in the overcrowded library, try exploring the other buildings. You would be surprised how much quieter and empty these lesser-known study lounges are! Before you know it, you’ll find your go-to study spot.

On-Campus Entertainment

College campuses offer more to students than just class and academic-related activities. Some campuses have arcades, pool tables, and even bowling alleys! Don’t wait until senior year to take advantage of these fun activities.

Plus, many colleges get famous guest speakers to speak on-campus, from professional athletes to national news anchors. Also, there may be free screenings of recently-released movies, stand-up comedy, live music, poker tournaments, and more. Keep an eye out for special events like these from here one out!

Counseling and Psychiatric Services

If you’re going through relationship troubles, family problems, stress, or other personal issues, some universities offer free counseling services for students. Sometimes, they offer three free counseling per student per semester, but this varies with each university.

Please consider taking advantage of this on-campus resource, especially if you’re experiencing depression or anxiety that’s getting in the way of your everyday life.

Volunteer Resource Centers

Looking to give back to your local community? Many college campuses have the contact information of many nearby nonprofits. Not only will your college campus help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity, but they may also have out-of-state volunteer opportunities that you can apply for. Get out there and get involved!

The Rec Center

Going to gym after a long day of classes may not sound appealing to most, but it is a great habit to get into! Think about it, your tuition covers the cost of your rec center membership. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this great resource as often as you can?

Regularly, gym memberships can range from $20-$60 per month. It’s time to start getting active! Take advantage of this on-campus resource while you still can!


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