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What to Expect When They Come Home for Thanksgiving
| by Pauline Flores

A Big Load of Laundry

In college, doing a load of laundry takes time, money, and effort – three things that college students simply lack at times. College students would rather lug home a big bag of dirty laundry than pay a dollar to wash and another to dry. You, being the rock star parent that you are, will probably be happy to do the laundry for your college kid. Just like old times, right?

Lots of Lounging

College is exhausting, and Thanksgiving break is the first break that college students will have during the semester. This is their excuse to be as lazy as possible. Your college kid will set record-braking couch potato levels. After that giant Thanksgiving meal, they’ll basically be out for the count.

College Stories

After just two months of college, your kid will have loads of stories to share. It can be tricky getting these stories out of them without sounding like an interrogator for the FBI. Try to contain your desire to know about every detail about their college experience. Keep your conversations natural and unforced. Ask a few questions, but don’t go overboard. Ask them the typical questions about how classes are going and what it’s like living in the dorm.

A Voracious Appetite

Dining hall food gets boring and not having the disposable income to eat whatever they want only makes it worse! One of the first things college students do when they go home for Thanksgiving break is raid the fridge and the pantry like there’s no tomorrow. A college student at a Thanksgiving meal is like bear at a campsite. The amount of food they’ll help themselves to is astounding. What do you expect? Going to college makes college students appreciate free food that much more!

Greater Appreciation (Yay!)

Your college kid will have a greater appreciation for the free food, free laundry service, and a clean living space that you provide in your home. College life is like a slap in face, forcing students to realize what living independently is really like. Don’t be surprised if they're nicer to you. They had a taste of the real world, and they really do miss living at home!


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