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What Makes fygböx the College Care Package, Elevated?
| by Pauline Flores

Right when you visit the fygböx website, you may notice something different about us. If you’ve browsed other care package retailers’ sites, you may it hard to believe that we are selling the same product!  We pride ourselves in having high standards in what we have to offer to college parents and their student.

Need more reasons why fygböx is the college care package, elevated? You've come to the right blog post.

Save Time

As far as college care packages go, there are no limits to what you can do. Family pictures cut and pasted onto the box’s flap? Cutesy decorations and gifts aligning with the fall and winter seasons? These are all fine, dandy, and very crafty! But, it's a little too crafty for the typical hardworking parent.

We understand that parents want to send something special to their kids at college, but they don’t have the time to put together a care package, much less stand in line at the post office. That’s why we gladly do all the work for you! With just a few clicks, you’re done, and a fygböx will get right into the hands of your college kid in no time.

You’re in Control

Just because we do all the hard work for you, doesn’t mean that can’t add your personal touch to your college care package! We have the option to build your own care package. Choose from our wide array of high-quality items to create the perfect care package for your kid.

Many other care package companies only have pre-made care packages that are full of run-of-the-mill snacks found in just about every vending machine. Obviously, these care packages aren’t very healthy. With fygböx, you decide what they receive. You are the parent, after all!

Feed Your Genius

That’s what the FYG in fygböx stands for. We don’t feed your genius with just snacks (although, we do have good snacks). We also have Bluetooth speakers, soap, shaving cream, headphones, face masks – everything a college student needs to make the best out of those four years.

Even if you choose not to build your own, our pre-made care packages are thoughtfully curated with your student in mind. Send a study abroad care package to make their travels unforgettable. Send an internship care package to prepare them to be their best on the first day. Whatever you choose to send, you can trust that fygböx will feed your genius every time.

Healthy and Organic

At fygböx, we believe that a well-fed college student is a happy college student. We have a wide range of healthy and tasty options to add to your college care package. From protein bars to coffee to popcorn, even the pickiest college student can be pleased.


Every single item we offer was tested and approved by real college students. Their candid feedback helps us to only offer items that college students love. So, don’t worry about not knowing what your kid will like. When you build your own college care package, any combination of items you choose can’t be wrong!

That's why fygböx is the college care package, elevated.



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