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What NOT to do During Finals Week of College
| by Pauline Flores

This is the final stretch of the semester. Are you going to get a home run or strike out? Here’s some advice on what NOT to do when you want to finish the semester strong!

Don’t Be Lazy

This is a given, but some college students tend to let the laziness take over their bodies. Don’t be one of those students. Don’t let all the energy you put into getting those mid-semester assignments, projects, and essays done go in vain!

Think this to yourself: “I’ve gone this far, I can still go further.” That extra bit of energy is what you need to get grades on your final exams! Now is the time to rise and grind. Manage your time wisely, crank out those essays, and study when you need to – your grades are on the line here!

Don’t Forget When Your Exams Are

Don’t know when or where your exam is? Look on the syllabus or your class portal. Write down the time, date, and location of your exam in a planner or on your phone calendar as soon as you find this information. Keep checking your planner daily to make sure you remember your finals schedule.

To be certain that you’ll make it to your final on time, set a reminder on your phone 30 minutes before the test starts. There have been horror stories of college students running to their final in their pajamas because they forgot to set an alarm for their test. Failing a final because you were unprepared is the worst-case scenario!

Don’t Neglect Your Body

Finals should not be the only thing you focus on during finals week. Taking care of your body is just as important. That means you need to eat a balance diet, keep hydrated, and get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Your physical, mental, and emotional health are all connected. If you neglect one, you neglect all of them. If your body is healthy and your mind is clear on the day of your exam, you’ll have less trouble thinking through even the most difficult problems!

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

This relates to the previous section. Self-care is something that cannot be neglected during finals week or any other week of the year. You might think that pulling an all-nighter fueled on coffee is the most productive thing to do, but it’s not (you probably knew that already).

Burning yourself out, in other words, using up all your energy to study negatively affects your performance on tests and essays. This is because your brain can’t think clearly due to lack of sleep.

For every two hours of work you do (that includes studying or typing an essay), take a 30-minute break. Have a snack, call up a friend, watch a TV show, or take a walk outside. Anything that you find to be fun and relaxing will do! Limit yourself to 30 minutes if you have a lot to get done. You don’t want to get lazy (see Don’t #1)!

Don’t Be Discouraged

Don’t let not-so-good grades on past essays or midterms discourage you from redeeming yourself during finals week. Finals week is your last chance to get the best grade you can in your classes. It’s go time!

Make sure to think positively during finals week. Walk in confidently to all of your tests because, believe it or not, confidence improves performance! Good luck on your finals! Because you read through this whole blog post, you are now one-step closer to killin’ it!


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