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5 Reasons Why Your College Student Needs a Part-Time Job
| by Pauline Flores

Walking into freshman year, those horror stories about college stress can deter anyone from dealing with the trouble of balancing a job with school. But once they’re comfortable with handling the college workload, it’s time to get a part-time job because of these five reasons.

Money (Duh)

Unless you’re the type of parent to give out generous allowances, some source of hard-earned income is both necessary and nice. With a part-time job, they are now magically able eat out with friends, go to concerts, buy clothes, and much more.

Aside from all the fun they can now afford, college can be quite expensive. The money from their job will make that aching pain while paying for parking or textbooks less bad compared to before.

Smart college students will make sure to save at least 10% of every paycheck they earn. This set-aside money will be helpful for when they transition from college into the *gulp* real world.

Learn Valuable Time Management Skills

Having a part-time job while simultaneously going to college is the most effective way to improve time management skills. They’ll be challenged to schedule their time wisely to accomplish all that they want to each day. This will be difficult at first, but they will get the hang of it.

One downside about having a part-time job is that it can interfere with social life. They’ll find that they need an FAQ sheet glued to their heads when friends ask, “Hey, want to hang out?” with the answer being, “I have work.” If work hours are too overbearing, they can simply speak with their boss about schedule adjustments. Most bosses understand that college life comes before work life.

Gain Transferable Work Skills

In addition to time management skills, they’ll more likely than not gain highly valuable interpersonal skills at any job they get. Learning how to interact and communicate with bosses, coworkers, and customers is an essential life skill.

Try to encourage your college kid to stick around their part-time job long enough to earn promotions. Not only can they earn more money, but hiring managers love job candidates with solid leadership skills. Whether it’s a fast food, front desk, or a remote job, they’re bound to learn beneficial skills in the long run.

Make New Friends

The best part of getting a part-time job is the possibility of making work friends. If they work in or around they college campus, their coworkers will be students as well. This is not the time to be shy! College students should go out of their way to introduce themselves and start conversations with coworkers.

Work feels a lot less like work when it’s full of friends. It’s surprising how long these work relationships can last long after they leave their job.


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