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Why Your College Student Should Study Abroad
| by Pauline Flores

Abroad. A word filled with romanticized daydreams of foreign lands – lands that have yet been explored. When you say it, you almost want to throw your arms out wide like Jack and Rose in the Titanic.  Colleges offer countless opportunities for students to go abroad during their four years. Here are the top reasons why you support your student’s study abroad dreams.

Their Horizons Will be Broadened

There’s a big, huge world outside of your hometown. Why not explore it? This is the main thing that college students wish to accomplish when they decide to study abroad. College kids now, more than ever before, have a desire to know what’s out there. They wish to learn more about living and working internationally. Their lives will be more enriched if they treat that travel bug they’ve been bit with.

They’ll Be More Open to Risks

There’s something thrilling about travelling alone. College students are fully aware that they are adults now; they have the freedom to do pretty much anything (as long as mom says it’s okay). Being put in uncomfortable situations allows every person to grow.

They’ll Become a Global Citizen

Globalization is real and it exists in our everyday lives. The clothes we buy were manufactured in Bangladesh. The coffee we drink was harvested in Brazil. The cars we drive were built in Japan. By studying abroad, your college student will have more appreciation for other cultures. Your kid will have a better understanding about the similarities and differences of other groups of people after being immersed in a new culture. They could potentially make international friendships that will last for a lifetime. Maybe they’ll pick up the local language while they’re there! In the meantime, they can use apps to learn a few key words and sentences to make traveling easier.

It Will Look Good on a Resume

Listing an international experience is a great way to make a resume stand out from the competition. Keep in mind, college students will need to strategically highlight how their study abroad experience personally benefitted them (any of the above sections would work fine!).

They’ll Have a Great Experience to Look Back On

The benefits of traveling abroad doesn’t stop the minute you step foot on that plane home. The memories created from studying abroad, forging new friendships, trying new foods, and experiencing a new culture will stick with your college kid for the rest of his or her life. They’ll fondly look back on their experience and even tell their kids (your future grand kids!) about it. As they do that, they’ll also appreciate how you’re the reason why they were able to go abroad in the first place. Now that deserves some huge parenting points!


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