things to put in a college care package

things to put in a college care package that students will love

The key to a good college care package is variety. On top of yummy snacks, college students will love useful, high-quality items that will fuel them through their college careers.

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spring break trip

5 things to know about your college kid’s spring break trip

feeling a bit over-protective as your college kid discusses spring break plans? on top of who they're going and where they'll stay, there's much more that you should know.

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on-campus resource

7 useful on-campus resources that you should take advantage of

From the rec center to free tutoring, you're not paying all that money per year to not take advantage of these super helpful on-campus resources!

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family college tour

8 tips for a successful college tour with your college kid

College tours can be tiring, but there are always way to make the most out of them! Getting to know the other families, taking a lot of pictures, and having fun are just a few of the possibilities!

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gaiam muscle roller

featured fygböx product: gaiam mini muscle roller

Walking around campus and taking notes all day takes a toll on a college student's body. That's why we're including the Gaiam Mini Muscle Roller in fygböx! Learn more about Gaiam today.

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