our mission

our mission is to motivate and inspire young people in their educational journey
one campus, one student, one fygböx at a time.

our partner

giving back is a core element of our mission. to this end, we are delighted to partner with I Have a Dream Foundation, a national organization that transforms lives by getting Dreamers to, and through, post-secondary education.

about I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream motivates and empowers children from low-income communities to reach their education and career goals by providing a long-term intervention program of mentoring, tutoring, and cultural enrichment. each Dreamer is eligible to receive a four-year tuition assistance for college or vocational school upon graduation from high school. dreamers are 3 times more likely to earn a bachelors degree than their low-income peers.

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we will contribute five percent of our annual profits to support the mission of I Have a Dream.