fygböx sneak peek

fygbox college care package

Sorry – our attorneys made us say this – the photo shows items that may be included in a fygböx,
but we reserve the right to substitute other products of various sizes, types and brands that have a similar aggregate value.

SkyyHi Water Bottle

compressed or extended, this water bottle is a must for your on-the-go lifestyle. if only college professors can be that flexible.

Tea Drops

college stress is the reason for the tea drops in my mug... thank goodness someone made making tea easier than it already is.


not quite popcorn, not quite corn nuts. you just have to crunch this deliciously addictive snack for yourself.

Charcoal Face Mask (girls)

Honeybee Gardens is a company that cares. this cruelty-free face mask leaves your face feeling deeply hydrated, soft, and supple.

Nite Ize Flashflight Disks

light up your life with a DISC-o (get it?) party! now, you can throw around this flying disk morning, noon, and night

Sriracha 2-Go Keychain (guys)

free pizza is inevitable in college. be prepared with this handy, bite-sized condiment.

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