sneak peak - march fygböx -order by feb 28th for mid-march delivery

fygbox march college care package

Sorry – our attorneys made us say this – the photo shows items that may be included in a fygböx,
but we reserve the right to substitute other products of various sizes, types and brands that have a similar aggregate value.

Stress Paul Stress Ball

do midterms have you on edge? are essays piling up? take your stress out on Stress Paul - he understands your pain.

Justin's Snack Packs

go nuts and be transported back to your childhood too. Justin’s is Boulder-based & makes all kinds of delicious nut butter snacks.

Blue Ribbon Soap (guys)

drink your favorite cheap beer and bathe with it too. it’s a surprise that every frat house isn’t stocked with this quirky soap

Charcoal Face Mask (girls)

Honeybee Gardens is a company that cares. this cruelty-free face mask leaves your face feeling deeply hydrated, soft, and supple.

Nite Ize Flashflight Disks

light up your life with a DISC-o (get it?) party! now, you can throw around this flying disk morning, noon, and night

Bees Wrap Reusable Food Wrap

imagine the mountains of saran wrap you’ll save from the landfill with this natural alternative. coated with beeswax & made with organic cotton. store your sandwiches, fruits, and yes, even your avocados in an innovative way.

SuperJames Bar

eliminate hunger with this local Colorado treat. finally, a gluten-free bar that’s dense with nutrition and flavor. bye-bye, awkward middle-of-class stomach growls

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