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Get Well Soon box

Get Well Soon box

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Ah, yes, everyone needs the occasional boost from home when you're not feeling your best. Send your student a surprise Get Well Soon box. What's inside? 

  • Collapsible water bottle - to stay super-hydrated
  • Compact muscle roller - textured for deeper massage - to sooth those aches & pains
  • White chocolate black chai tea - refreshing change from coffee
  • Minute muffin - warm fresh muffin in 60 seconds (add water or milk, microwave for 1 minute, ready) - delish!
  • Pack of PepPods (10) - drop in a glass of water for a citrus drink with vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and over 75 plant-derived trace minerals. 

See, you're feeling better already! And this pre-packed box also qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.