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Good Food fygbox

Good Food (Anti-junk food) Box - best value!

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An answer to a snack-based care package without all the junk! (psst - if they want junk food, they will find it on their own). We have created a pre-packed box of convenient, low cost, and high nutrition snacks to tide them over or just send a hug from home. Here's what's inside:

- Chef Soraya eat-a-bowl 
- Crunchster's sea salt sprouted protein snack
- Halfpops curiously crunchy popcorn
- 2 Empact protein & energy bars
- 2 Bobo's oat bars
- SuperJames bar gluten-free superfood (really. can hold you over for hours)
- Climax Jerky original turkey jerky

Student-discovered and tested (repeatedly)!